MakeWorkWork – a podcast

by Hrefna Helgadottir (Habbi) & Hailley Griffis

An Almost Magical Couple

After their trip to New York filled with rain, internet friends and bagels, Habbi and Hailley finally talk about a topic Hailley's been obsessed with for the past year: figuring out one’s Enneagram type. Also, there are multiple segues into tea and desserts.

In This Episode

09:28 Internet friends
15:19 The Enneagram types
37:05 Operating manual
48:04 Yelp skills


Twinings lemon tea
Brittany Berger
Interview with Brittany on the Buffer podcast
Enneagram types
The Enneagram Institute
Enneagram Made Easy book
The perfectionist problem episode
Hailley’s goal blog post
Enneagram and Coffee on Instagram
Operating manual questions

Lemon meringue pie
Pastel de nata
Nanaimo bar
Hailley’s Yelp profile
Frixion pen
The 'Martyn Playlist' Habbi made
Enneagram types Twitter thread
Desserts Twitter thread