Recently we sent out a call that we wanted to hear from our listeners. Ask us anything and we’ll do our best to answer your question on a future episode!

Before you get started, we recommend formulating the question in your mind. It works best if questions are pithy! It’s also important that it is a question. If it’s not a clear question, too rambly, or just a statement it won’t translate for the other listeners, and we might not have anything to add.

Next up, find your headphones. Audio is much better when recorded over headphones. Finally, if you want to include your social media handle say it clearly so other listeners can find you.

Thank you for taking the time to submit a question, we really appreciate it!

How To Submit Your Question

1. Visit the MakeWorkWork main page on Anchor (link here!)

2. Find the Message button on the page

3. Press record

Make sure you have a clear question in mind. Tell us your name, social media handle (if you want) and where you're calling from. Ask your question clearly.

Try to keep it to less than 20 seconds, Anchor will cut you off after a minute. Please only send one question per voice message, although you can send us as many voice messages as you want!