a podcast by Hrefna (Habbi) Helgadottir & Hailley Griffis

To our listeners,

We have both spoken out on our personal platforms, but we want to explicitly say from the MakeWorkWork podcast that Black Lives Matter. Racism isn’t only a problem in the United States and we support the global fight against racism.

The Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t get acknowledged on the recording of episode 25. In the past, we have not been afraid to pull episodes due to current events, but this episode feels worthwhile. We wanted to make sure that our light-hearted tone from our recording a couple of weeks ago doesn’t come across as complacency.

We are also reviewing our own privilege. The experiences that we share on this podcast come from a position of privilege and this is something we should have recognized and addressed sooner.

We are grateful to have an international group of listeners from a variety of countries and continents. In the past, when we’ve highlighted listeners on the show, it has not been an accurate representation of the diversity of our listeners. We are committed to doing better and using this podcast as a platform to highlight minority, and especially Black, voices.

If you are Black or a part of any minority group, please know you are welcome here. Please join our conversation at any time. It's never too late and no message is too small or insignificant. Our email is hello at makework dot work.

If ever either of us can help you in any way through our network or expertise, please know we would love to do so. Add us on LinkedIn, share your writing and projects with us.

We see it as our duty to amplify your voice and your work.

With support,
Habbi & Hailley 🖤