A recorded conversation between two friends on each side of the Atlantic – navigating the professional world; talking tech, travel, and reading while doing their best to make work work.

Hosted by Hrefna Helgadottir (Habbi) & Hailley Griffis.

Habbi lives in London via Reykjavik, works as a product manager working out how to make the arts play nicely with business and technology. Hailley is originally from Canada and now lives in Colorado, by day she talks to reporters and writes about her company's culture, and by night she is preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

MWW 11

Grandma is Flagged as Important

Dubbed “the reading year of impressiveness” Habbi and Hailley discuss the last year in books, share several books that they’re reading, and even make a few non-book recommendations. Plus, there had to be a little follow up on email.

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MWW 10

Sobbing Emoji Lifestyle

We’re 10 episodes in to MakeWorkWork and Habbi and Hailley are tackling a topic they both have a lot of opinions about, email. Everything from cold to warm email, plus intros and, of course, routines. This is an episode filled with the good, the bad and the ugly on email etiquette.

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MakeWorkWork work

Last episode, Habbi and Hailley accidentally started talking about Impostor Syndrome so in this episode they face this massive topic head-on in an attempt to figure it out. Further, this episode is packed full of app-related drama, specifically for apps of the article-reading persuasion.

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Complaining Vigorously Totally is a Strategy

This episode is all about writing. The two hosts ponder the difficulties of writing plus share their processes and the tools they use. On top of it all, by the end of the show, there’s a personal breakthrough moment around books and reading.

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A Three-Book Vacation

Habbi and Hailley dissect a mind-blowing concept about thinking, principles, and algorithms. They also discuss reading goals, will you read more if you’re challenged or setting realistic expectations? Plus, they finally share the exciting salad principles that they’ve been searching for for weeks.

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Super Ninja Grandma

Habbi and Hailley share beginning of year plans including resolutions vs goals vs habits vs tasks. In a surprise twist, Habbi has a sneaky productivity product that she'd told no one about (till now!).

P.S. Sending in your very own personal plans/processes for 2018, can and will trigger serious excitement shrieks from the two hosts.

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You Are an Email Address to Me

The end of a year has the MWW hosts reflecting on their (sometimes strange) New Year traditions as well as top reads of 2017 which includes everything from novels to cook books to self-improvement, to the angriest email Habbi has ever sent.

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Goats Are Not Known For Speed or Elegance

We have a podcast that is live now! It's a little meta to talk about launching a creative project, on said creative project – but that's exactly what we're doing. Oh, and also whether notifications are a nuisance now, and if the continental United States can be crossed in two trips.

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None of This is Traditional

How do you MakeWorkWork when you're not in your regular home? We discuss what counts as a real office, the importance of a routine – and somehow the zombie apocalypse gets a mention (at least it's not Harry Potter!)

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Oh, You're from the Internet? Come Along!

We break down Habbi's 84 point travel checklist (and she tells us her secret to glide through international security!) and we discuss how we segment social media between personal and professional – or don't.

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You Are Married to OmniFocus Now

In the first ever MakeWorkWork episode, we compare and contrast task management apps, lists, and the merits of using a physical notebook. Hailley wants to know if anyone re-reads books, and turns out Habbi doesn't really – with a notable exception.

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