MakeWorkWork – a podcast

by Hrefna Helgadottir (Habbi) & Hailley Griffis

I Hate Jeans

In this episode, Habbi and Hailley check in on the new reality we’re all living in. They talk about what working from home looks like for them, how they are doing in the midst of a pandemic, and share several learning and music related resources.

In This Episode

00:13:15 Current state of affairs
00:26:35 Remote work
00:40:37 Personalities during a pandemic
00:53:30 Getting work done
01:18:37 Exercise
01:25:49 Yearly themes
01:28:58 Keeping busy
01:38:24 Answering questions


Ramekin (photo 1, photo 2
Family schedules roundup 
Mr. Kate
on YouTube (Habbi’s recommended video
Tiny House Nation
Episode 15 on the Enneagram

The 12 personalities
Dani Hart
Deep Work, by Cal Newport
Nike Training Club app
Nike Run Club app 

Yoga with Adriene
Dungeons & Dragons
Habbi’s D&D tweet

Free Ivy league courses
The MakeWorkWork playlist
Habbi’s playlists