MakeWorkWork – a podcast

by Hrefna Helgadottir (Habbi) & Hailley Griffis

Part II: So Much Context

Habbi and Hailley add to their phone setup conversation by discussing their widget screens. They also share a few strongly held opinions about daylight savings, time zones (and Fahrenheit).

In This Episode

00:18:46 - Follow up
00:34:08 - Daylight savings and time zones
00:59:18 - Widget setups


Laptop stickers Twitter thread (where Hailley mistakes horses for goats)
How to Start Your Own Podcast blog post
Parks and Rec (TV show)
Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker
BBC article: “EU backs ending daylight saving time”
Time zones and developers blog post
xkcd voting software
Drone footage from Iceland

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

Habbi’s widgets:
Weather line 

Habbi’s shortcut “directions to next event”
Alex Muench, Product Software Designer at Doist
Brittany Berger’s suggestions for automation reading

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Hailley’s widgets:
Google Calendar
Smart Life

Carrot weather app
Tube exits app